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Hawk - Configure DM Ambient (Temp+Hum Sensor)

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Please ensure to also read the below for full details on configuring Tasks and I²C Sensors for the Hawk

DM have limited remaining stock of our Ambient (Temp + Humidity) Sensor. It can be connected to the Hawk


Ambient Sensor WireConnect to
Red (3V3)Hawk IO 5
Brown (SCL)Hawk IO 6
Green (SDA)Hawk IO 4
Black (GND)Hawk GND
Purple/OrangeNot used, leave disconnected


I²C Action Parameters

  1. Configure the I²C action parameters to select DM Ambient Sensor and an analogue offset. Leave other values blank

Task Parameters

We need to set I²C Action 1 or 2 as an action for a Task.


The specific analogues the readings will appear in is determined by the Analogue Offset selected.
With the above parameters, the output would be:

ValueAnalogueUnitsConversion Example
TemperatureAnalogue Offset Value (10)°C * 100800 = 8°C
Relative HumidityAnalogue Offset Value + 1 (11)% * 1005000 = 50%

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