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Setup Checklist for Installation

Checklists can be used to capture device installation on an ad-hoc basis.

For full detail on Checklists and configuration, see Checklists in Telematics Guru.

Below is an example of how a checklist can be created to report installation of a device on an asset. There are 2 elements to this:

  1. Checklists can be captured via the mobile app
  2. On the web interface, a list of submitted checklists appears in the list as 'unresolved' checklists. So once the installation is completed, they can be resolved as a way to ensure nothing is missed. 

Example Setup:

You may choose to add as many questions as you prefer. 

Different answers can be given different 'severity' levels (Critical, Severe, Attention) and various users can be alerted if a checklist is completed with a certain severity.
Once you have created the checklist, you can start using this in your phone/tablet. Below is how a checklist can be completed in your device.

A completed checklist will appear in TG, and the answers to this can be viewed from Checklists->View Answers. Adjust the filters as necessary to view the answers for the checklist that you completed.
Unresolved checklists will appear separately to 'resolved' checklists so that actioned/unactioned jobs can be tracked.

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