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Connecting a DM iButton Reader [G120]

The Digital Matter iButton Reader has the following wire colours:

Wire ColorFunction
RediButton Signal Line
GreenGreen LED
(with 1000 ohm resistor)
BrownRed LED
(with 1000 ohm resistor)
YellowLED Negative

G120 Harness Definition

Please see G120 Harness Definition

Connecting an iButton reader to the G120

  • Connect Brown and Green (Pin 13 and Pin 14) on the G120 to the Red iButton Signal Line on the iButton reader 
  • Connect the Black iButton wire to Ground


The G120 must be told to expect an iButton input in parameters. This is done from the 4 Wire Plug Function tab.

Once the connections are completed, the device can read the iButton data.

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