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Using Tip Detection for Tamper Detection [Oyster3]

Unlike our Remora 2/3 battery powered tracker, the Oyster3 does not have the magnetic tamper detection feature - where an alert is set out when a magnet detaches from the Remora.

It maybe tempting to use Tip Detection feature as a replacement. Unfortunately, we do not recommend using tip detection as a viable solution to detect tamper events. Here are the main reasons:

Excessive Battery Drain
The device has to constantly be awake, checking the accelerometer to scan for tip events. This becomes worse when the device is in trip (where the accelerometer is constantly firing). For example, the Oyster3 with tip detection enabled with 10 hour trips every day would not last more than 6 months.
False Alerts
The orientation is determined purely based on forces measured by the accelerometer. Gravity or movement can impact this. For example a trailer going up a steep hill would constantly report that the devices is being tampered. It would be impossible to distinguish actual tamper events from false tamper events.
Tip Detection only works in 1-axis
Example. Tip Detection is set up using the X axis. If someone removes the tracker carefully and moves the devices in the Y/Z axis only, the device will not report a tip event.

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