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Connect 1-Wire Keypad to Dart3

The AR0226 1-Wire Keypad is a keypad which can be connected to a DM device where a keypad is required instead of a swipe fob/access card. Some organisations prefer this as cards/fobs do not need to be distributed. 

Check Datasheet Carefully

This guide is based upon feedback from DM Partners and what has worked on specific keypad models. Please check the keypad datasheet carefully, as this product is not supplied by DM some elements may change in the future.



Wire NameColourFunctionConnect to
BacklightBlueProvide power to illuminate keypad backlight
iButton SignalOrangeiButton Signal LineConnect to Dart3 iButton Line
Brown, Pin 10
PowerRedPowering KeypadVehicle Power
Check voltage spec on Datasheet Carefully
8-28V model 
Must be powered externally to Dart3
Chassis or Dart3 Ground


Reading Codes

1. Set 4-Wire Plug function to iButton

This is the only step required to read codes from the keypad. 

Configuring Buzzing

The keypad has an internal buzzer. However it is activated by applying 12V to the buzzer control line. There is no 12V output available on the Dart3 - so instead it is easiest to instead Connect an External Buzzer

Ensure this parameter is set to have the buzzer sound when a trip is started and no PIN is entered


See Immobiliser Install - Asset starts after valid Driver ID Scan [Dart3]

Driver ID in Telematics Guru

To enter driver codes in TG,

  • Admin → Drivers
  • Create a new Driver
  • Enter the details, ID Type is 'iButton', and enter the code with leading 0's to make 12 digits.
    i.e. keypad code 1234 = 000000001234

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