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Device Profile Counters

Device Profile Counters report long term, low frequency counters for performance monitoring and prediction.
This is commonly used on battery powered devices.

What do the counters tell us?

Counters will allow you to monitor the performance of each device, such as voltage, GPS fix time, upload time, etc. If certain trends are seen, such as an increased Failed GPS Fixes, this allows the user to determine if certain parameters, such as GPS Settings, will need to be modified. 

It can also be used for battery usage trends. For example, a failed upload uses up to 20 times the power of a successful upload. This is because a failed upload scans the bands for 3 minutes (registration timeout), while a successful upload is typically done within 5 – 10 seconds. This can be seen in photo of the counters below. The device had over 18,000 uploads with a successful upload time of slightly over 2 days while the roughly 2,700 failed uploads had the device on, attempting an upload for over 13 days.

Where are the counters found?

Device Counters can be found via:

  1. Device Details in OEM
  2. Device Logs
  3. Battery Management page in Telematics Guru

To view within OEM, click on details for the device you are interested in:

This will open a new window. The device counters can be found at the bottom of the details section.

Historical counter values will appear in the Device Logs

However the format is not as readable as in the Device Details Section: 

DeviceProfiling[0:4694 1:9094 2:280 9:0 3:3719 4:4561 128:460 129:7087 130:5 131:2103 132:761 133:3743 134:16 135:952 136:76 137:2669 138:435 139:6 140:0 141:0 142:12893526 145:0 146:0 147:0] 


Counters are only sent when the devices are able to commit. Counters and Device Logs are not available when devices are set to 3rd party direct mode.

HTTP Connector Settings

Device counters are sent to third party endpoints but OEM filters them out by default via HTTP connections. To send the device counters through the HTTP connector the below will need to be added to the XML of your connector.

<add key="removeCounters" value="false"/>

Counter ID's:

Counter IDUseUnits
0Internal Battery Voltage1 mV
1Internal Battery0.01 %
Estimated Battery Capacity Used10 mAh
3Maximum Temperature0.01 C
4Initial Internal Battery Voltage1 mV
5Average Successful GPS Fix Time1 second per fix
6Average Failed GPS Fix Time1 second per failed fix
7Average GPS Freshen Time1 second per freshen attempt
8Average Wakeups Per Trip1 wakeup per trip
128Successful Uploads1 upload
129Successful Upload Time1 second
130Failed Uploads1 upload
131Failed Upload Time1 second
132Successful GPS Fixes1 fix
133Successful GPS Fix Time1 second
134Failed GPS Fixes1 fix
135Failed GPS Fix Time1 second
136GPS Freshen Attempts1 attempt
137GPS Freshen Time1 second
138Accelerometer Wakeups1 wakeup
139Trips1 trip
140GPS Fixes Due to 'Upload on Jostle'1 fix
141Uploads Due to 'Upload on Jostle'1 upload
142Uptime1 second
143Tx Count1 tx
144Rx Count1 rx
145Successful Wi-Fi Scans1
146Failed Wi-Fi Scans1
147Sample Count1
148BLE Module Uptime1 second
149BLE Module Failures1
150BLE Scans1

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