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JDLink - Telematics Guru

Digital Matter has now integrated John Deere/JDLink devices into Telematics Guru. 

JDLink is the connection that enables automatic data flow between connected machines and the owner's John Deere Operations Center account.

In Telematics Guru, these devices are handled as non-trip based assets (no detailed trip tracking information reported). The asset location is simply pulled from JDLink every so often (15-30 minutes). For more details on what functionality is available for a non-trip based asset see Getting Starting - Trips

Alerts for geofence can be set up but as the data is pulled from JDLink sporadically, the entries/exits could be delayed/missed.

Telematics Guru will accept and display odometer information received from certain John Deere devices. Not all devices report this information so this will not be available in this case. 

JDLink Configuration

Clients with JDLink access will need to connect their organization with the Digital Matter application. When signed in to your JDLink account (, you will need to select Manage -> Connections and add the Telematics Guru connection to your organization.

Once the organization is connected to Telematics Guru, the user will need to provide the correct permissions. Select Manage under the TG Connection and edit the access levels. Access will need to be set for 'Can Access' and both Equipment & Locations will need 'Access Level 1'.

Telematics Guru Setup

Once the connection has been completed in JDLink, please inform your Digital Matter representative which TG organization devices will be added to. This will allow our team to activate the JDLink feature in TG so that it pulls data from John Deere.
The devices will need to be added into your Telematics Guru account just as you would with other devices, see Creating Assets in Telematics Guru. The Device Type would be 'Third Party API Device' and the Device Serial would be the unique serial from the JDLink device.

As it stands when creating the first JDLink Asset as a third party asset, the I/O mappings need to be manually entered. The user would add each of the analogue mappings following the dialogue and configuration seen below. The mappings would only need to be entered on the first device manually, as there is an option to copy from existing devices when inputting the remaining devices. 

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