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Bluetooth Supported Sensors

Our Bluetooth® Gateway devices (Eagle, G120, Remora2, Remora3, Oyster3 BLE and Oyster Edge) are able to read a wide variety of 3rd Party Tags and sensors given there are many on the market to fit a variety of needs and use cases.  

It is possible for us to quickly integrate tags that 'beacon'. Beaconing refers to the fact that the tag will simply periodically broadcast a frame containing data. 

Connecting or pairing to tags is also possible but would require custom firmware development, speak to our support teams if this is a requirement.

Most tags can already be read by our gateway devices (Eagle, G120, Remora2, Remora3, Oyster3 BLE and Oyster Edge) without any special firmware integration. The correct parameters will just need to be set up in OEM: See Integrating Tags

All will work out of the box and send data to your third party platform. However be sure to check your tag type is integrated into Telematics Guru if you wish to use this platform - not all tag types are integrated with Telematics Guru. 

Telematics Guru supports the following tag types:

  1. Digital Matter Tags (Guppy Bluetooth®, SensorNode Bluetooth®)
  2. Apple iBeacon
  3. Eddystone
  4. Ingics iBS01 (Basic tag)
  5. Ingics iBS01T (Temperature / Humidity)
  6. ELA (ANG, ID, MAG, MOV, RHT, T - including 'T Probe')

Many 'custom' tags may by default broadcast in their own tag format, but can easily be reconfigured by cable or mobile app to broadcast in iBeacon or Eddystone format. In this case we just need to do this reconfiguration, and we can view these tags in TG!


Supported Tags

The tables below provide a list of the different tags that have been integrated into our devices as well as notes the features of each one.

Beacon Only
Ingics iBS01 Basic
Jaalee iBeacon
Minew Tag
Nanolink BT40
Nanolink BT80
Nanolink BG10
Nanolink BE201 
MOKO M1 Beacon 
Pharox Eddystone UID
Pharox Basic
Pharox Eddystone TLM
Pharox Turtle
Pharox IBeacon PDU
Pharox Standard


BLE Sensors / FeaturesTemperatureRelative HumidityMovement (Accelerometer)Magnet (Reed Switch : Door Open/Close)Fuel LevelAir PressureDigital InputDigital OutputAnalog InputTire Pressure
MOKO M1 Beacon

*ELA tags that have an analog input or digital input/output could have these features but is depended on what the sensor is attached to

**This controller responds to many industrial and security applications such as alarm triggering, motor and PLC control, etc.

Sample Tag Set Up

Periodic Scanning
Continuous Scanning
Oyster EdgeNO
Oyster3 BLE

If you intend on using any type of Bluetooth® functionality on your Digital Matter device, you will need to ensure that the system parameter 'BLE Global Settings' is enabled.

To work with the system parameters, select the device in the device grid, and click on 'Parameters' >> Set System Parameter (single device)

Periodic Scanning

Periodic scanning is for when you have either a static, or moving gateway that you need to scan for Bluetooth® tags upon conditions being met, for example, start/end of trips or specific time periods.

The device will get a GPS fix prior to conducting a periodic scan. 

If you have purchased a tag that has already been integrated, below are the settings to configure in OEM to have the device scan for them. You would need to enable the tag type that you have selected to use, whether that is DM, iBeacon, Eddystone, or other tag types.

Scanning Settings

Scan on Trip Start:
Yes/No to scan for Bluetooth® tags on movement
Trip Start Scan Offset(s):
Set period of time to elapse after trip started to scan
Scan on Trip End 
Yes/No to scan for Bluetooth® tags on end of movement
In-Trip Scan Period(mins):
Time period in minutes between Bluetooth® tag scans while in trip. set 0 to disable
Upload on in Trip Scan:
Yes/No to enable upload to server of tag data while moving.
Out of Trip Scan Period(mins):
time period to scan for Bluetooth® tags while not moving
Upload on out of Trip Scan:
Yes/No to upload scan data while not moving
Scan Length:
Set Scan length time. See Choosing Scan Length for more information
Scan Length units:
Minimum Tag RSSI(dBm):
Set a minimum strength of the signal to classify a tag as 'Found' or 'Lost'
Device is Stationary:
Yes/No to declare whether device is in a fixed location

Tag Settings

Enable DM Tags:
Enable the identfication/logging of the DM Guppy & SensorNode tag types
Enable iBeacon Tags:
Enable iBeacon Tag types
Enable Eddystone Tags:
Enable Eddystone Tag types
Other tag type 1,2,3:
See Integrating tag types here
Log Tag Lost (stationary mode):
Log a 'Tag Lost' record in telemetry when a consecutive scan does not renew a tag record.

With the G120 and Eagle having both the functionality of Periodic or Continuous Scanning, there is a specific parameters tab for them to use periodic, titled BLE Periodic Tag Scanning. 

Please note that the tags might be under the user integrated tags (not seen in the other tag type section). You will need to select user integrated tag (see below) in BLE Tag Scanning, add the tab BLE User Integrated Tags (Adv) and select from the dropdown. 

If using ELA tags, there is additional set up on the tag side that needs to be done. ELA Third-Party Bluetooth Tag Setup

Continuous Scanning

The Continuous Tag Scanning parameters are more tuned towards logging when tags are found or lost, rather then whether they're present when a scan is executed. This option is currently only available on the G120 4G and Eagle. As with periodic scanning, the tags might be listed in the BLE User Integrated Tags tab.

Enable Scanning:
Yes/No to enable Continuous Scanning, this will disable Period Scanning if enabled.
Upload on Tag Found:
Yes/No to upload upon finding a new tag
Upload on Tag Lost:
Yes/No to upload upon losing a tag
Upload on Update Log:
Yes/No to uploading upon consecutive tag scan
Update log Period(mins):
Period between logging tag list. Entering in 0 will disable
Tag Expiry Time(s):
Time to elapse until Tag is declared Lost
Device is Stationary:
Yes/No to declare whether device is in a fixed location
Fixed Lat(stationary mode):
Fixed Long(stationary mode):
Use this function to manually input gateway Longitude/Latitude
RSSI Threshold-Tag Find:
Strength of signal to determine whether a tag is considered found
RSSI Threshold-Tag Lost:
Strength of signal to determine whether a tag is considered lost

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