ELA Third-Party Bluetooth Tag Setup

ELA Innovations have a wide range of Bluetooth tags, which may be desirable to use. 

Digital Matter's Bluetooth Gateway devices (Remora2, Eagle and G120) are able to support any Third-Party Bluetooth tags if configured correctly. For more information see:

In this method, we simply tell the gateway device to look for certain bytes of BLE frames, and pass them on to the server. Doing this ensures we don't pick up every single BLE device in range (you would be surprised how many there are in any given location!)

Check Telematics Guru Support

Note, generic 3rd party tags are not supported by Telematics Guru. In order to have a 3rd party tag work in TG, contact us, and we can discuss integration options. Generic tags must have their payloads integrated for the data to displayed. This is also discussed here: 3rd Party Bluetooth Tag Support


ELA Tag Set Up

We must first configure the ELA Tags. For tags like the ELA ID - which don't have any sensors attached, or other data present - it makes the most sense to simply configure these tags to broadcast in iBeacon or Eddystone format. These are common formats, and work with TG. 

We can configure ELA Tags using the ELA Innovations Device Manager Mobile App:

Then, we must set the tags to send Manufacturer Data in their payload. 

Setting Manufacturer Specific Data Mode:

  1. Enable NFC on your mobile device
  2. Open the ELA Mobile app
  3. Click on Configuration
  4. Scan the tag by holding your mobile device directly above the ELA tag
  5. Once the tag has been read, click on the TAG PARAMETERS tab
  6. Enable Manufacturer Data Mode

Gateway Device Setup

In order to read ELA tag data, we must use the method described here (Integrating Tags), specifically;

In your Tag Scanning Parameters, make sure to select User Integrated Tags as a tag type to scan for. 

Then, we follow the Integrating Tags Method, adding this parameter tab, and simply selecting the relevant tag from the User Tag Type dropdown. 

For reference, this is equivalent to entering the below Custom Tag Type Strings.

TagCustom Tag Type String
ELA AI255,6,0,570772,8,2
ELA DI255,6,0,570762,8,2
ELA DO255,10,0,570786,8,6
ELA ID255,10,0,570706,8,6
ELA MAG255,6,0,570732,8,2
ELA MOV255,6,0,570742,8,2
ELA RHT255,8,0,570721,8,1
ELA T255,6,0,570712,8,2


If you don't receive the tag data on your server, start with these steps. 

  1. Check the tag is alive and transmitting, by scanning for it with a mobile phone. Apps like nRF Connect are invaluable.
  2. Turn on Data Capturing on OEM, to see if you are 

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