White Label Marketing Material

 White Label Marketing Material

Click here to go to the Digital Matter Dropbox

The folder contains:

  • DM Brand Guidelines
  • Digital Matter Logos
  • Device Datasheets - in PSD form. The files can be edited to apply the partner's own branding.
  • High Resolution Device Images
  • A Telematics Guru Overview PPT Presentation (can be edited to apply partner branding)

How to export and link the Datasheets

Once you've made the changes to the PSD files in the marked layers [Place logo here] for example, you can then export the file into a multi-page PDF file. Simply go to File then Export and choose Artboards to PDF and follow the prompts.

Adding Links into the PDF

 Adobe how to guide

See Adobe's walkthrough here

Step 1) Click on edit option on side bar

Step 2) Select link option and drag a rectangle over the area where you wish the hyperlink to be

Step 3) Select the link type to be an invisible rectangle and to open a web page

Step 4) Add in your webpage and click OK

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