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This article shows a list of commonly seen debug log messages sent by devices. They can be viewed here - View Device Logs. By default, "Severe" logs are recorded by the device and uploaded to the server. Not every log indicates a problem, sometimes it is just an event that we feel is useful to record. An example would be a few logs showing connection errors are worth logging, but might just indicate the device was out of coverage for a little bit. Many logs might point to a problem. The logging level can be changed like so - Turn on Debug Logging - to provide more detailed logging information. 

Log ReasonExplanationSolution
Debug[COM][Sevr]: Invalid command receivedIssue communicating with Bluetooth module, Bluetooth® module shuts down, no other effect on device operationTry upgrading your Bluetooth® firmware and device firmware to the latest versions for compatibility
Debug[GEN][Crit]: VBat = 6124 mV, Reset = 0X4, Watchdog = 0X1This is the Battery voltage and if there's a Reset reason the code is detailed hereFor Common reset reasons, see below
[GSM][Sevr]: Aborting oneshot regDevice can't register onto cellular networkIf the unit has been connecting before it generally just indicates a coverage issue at the time of the log. Otherwise it could be a device fault. Or you have set your registration timeout too short in the Upload Parameters
[GSM][Sevr]: Aborting oneshot dataModem failed to upload dataGenerally coverage related and intermittent.
[GSM][Sevr]: Modem turn off failedDevice unable to shut down modem because modem is busy/mid-operationsee above
[GSM][Sevr]: Socket leak detected
Modem did not close connection properly
This is fixed by either a soft reset or a hard reset and is generated from a modem bug in the uBlox module
[GSM][Sevr]: Hard resetDevice cutting power to shutdown operations go into sleep mode.normal operation of unit. underlying issues may be poor reception, too tight system parameters for GPS/Modem
Debug[COM][Crit]: Unsupported BLE version 0001024E. Turning off.The Bluetooth® firmware is not compatible with the current device firmwareTry upgrading your bluetooth firmware and device firmware to the latest versions for compatibility
Debug[ACC][Crit]: Accel error in State_CfgDevice cannot talk to Accelerometer moduleIf there are continous error logs, this suggests a hardware fault
Debug[GSM][Sevr]: Doing EMERG_OFFWhen the unit shuts down, it instructs the modem to turn off before removing the power. If the Modem module takes too long to shut down, it gets forced off.No issue, regular operation.
Debug[GSM][Sevr]: HTTP fail 0/0Device has not been able to download GPS Aiding data from uBloxSee 4G connectivity troubleshooting article here
Debug[GSM][Info]: APN xyz,,
Debug[GSM][Info]: Exhausted APNs xyz,,
the device has an APN set to connect to the network. The modem has tried to use this APN and could not get onlineGenerally - no issue, this is the correct operation, it shows that the modem has been prevented from joining the 'wrong' network - particularly with roaming SIMS which may try join the wrong one.  
Debug[GSM][Sevr]: HTTP fail 0/4

GPS Aiding Data download failedSee the GPS aiding data article for details (end of article)
Debug[ACC][Crit]: Tumbler triggered cos^2<0
Accident detected Happens when the device has a sudden change in velocity or change in angle
Timeout Waiting for CTS
The cellular modem is not responding
These logs will not appear in OEM, since if the modem can't respond, the device can't upload data.

It indicates a fault with the modem. These faults would be seen if you are reading the logs via the Wired Provisioning Tool
Replace the device.

Commonly Seen Reset Logs

When a device resets, you will typically see a log such as the one below:

Debug[GEN][Crit]: VBat = 4888 mV, Reset = 0X4, Watchdog = 0x1

There are two values that are of interest here - the reset and watchdog reset reasons. The reset reasons tell you what kind of reset occurred - typically either a power on, brownout, or a firmware initiated reset. If the firmware initiated the reset, then the watchdog reason will tell you why.

Reset Reasons

The following are the most common reset reasons:

Reset ReasonExplanationApplicable Devices
0x1Power on reset. This mainly occurs when power is first supplied. It can also occur during severe brownouts.All DM devices.
0x2Brown out reset. The voltage dipped below the brown out threshold. Typically seen when batteries are depleted. Battery insertions can also appear as brownouts occasionally.All DM devices.
0x4Watchdog reset. The firmware reset the device. The reason it did so is detailed by the watchdog reset reason.All DM devices
0x10/0x14Under voltage lockout reset. The voltage dipped below the minimum voltage threshold. Typically seen when batteries are getting low.Battery powered devices.

Watchdog Reset Reasons

Watchdog reasons less than 0x100 are manually initiated resets, whilst watchdog resets greater than or equal to 0x100 are caused by the device resetting itself to try and rectify an error state. The watchdog reasons greater than 0x100 tend to be device specific and are far less frequent so are not included here for brevity.

Common Watchdog Reset Reasons

Watchdog Reset ReasonExplanationApplicable Devices
0x0Either not a watchdog reset, or an unknown error occured.All DM devices.
0x1App reset. This occurs when the device resets itself due to changed conditions. Typical reasons include:
  • The parameters were updated
  • Firmware was downloaded
  • The device must switch to recovery mode/back to normal operation
  • A reset async message was received
All DM devices.
0x2No comms. The device could not communicate with the server for 3 days or more. The device resets itself to retry an upload with loose upload restrictions. This also triggers the use of backup admin params when applicable.All DM devices.
0x3SMS reset. The device received an SMS command to reset. On some devices, the app reset (0x1) is used instead.Mainly powered devices.
0x4Async message reset. The device recieved an async message command to reset. On some devices, the app reset (0x1) is used instead.Mainly powered devices.
0X110/0x101Indicative of flash issues. 0x101 being an issue reading the flash, and 0x110 being an issue powering the flash.

Battery Powered Watchdog Reset Reasons

Watchdog Reset ReasonExplanationApplicable Devices
0x5Backup admin params expired. The device was testing the backup admin params and is now reverting back to the standard admin params.Battery powered devices.

Powered Watchdog Reset Reasons

Watchdog Reset ReasonExplanationApplicable Devices
0x5Under voltage lockout reset. The uvlo was triggered. This is typically seen when the external voltage is too low and the backup battery is depleted.Powered devices.
0x6Backup admin params expired. The device was testing the backup admin params and is now reverting back to the standard admin params.Powered Devices.

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