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'Default' GPS Position

  • The Remora2 (FW 2.11 and above) and the Eagle (FW 2.1 and above) have the option to set a "default" GPS position. 

The GPS location can be entered as a parameter - and fixes disabled. The device will simply report the set position with each heartbeat. 

For those using a 3rd party system - this means the lat/long in Field 0 (GPS Data) will always be reported as the parameter value.

This is ideal for installing a device indoors, as a stationary Bluetooth Gateway - so that it can scan for and detect BLE tags. Fixes are unlikely to be able to be achieved indoors and the device will waste power attempting and failing to get one. 

Set up

  • Periodic Tracking Only must be set to Yes - it doesn't make much sense to disable GPS fixes for trip tracking
  • GPS Fix Multiplier must be set to 0 - if non-zero the next 2 parameters are ignored. 
  • Set the Lat and Long - this will be reported in the device payload to the server. 

Periodic Bluetooth Scanning

Periodic BLE scanning is available on the Remora2, Eagle, and G120. 

It is the only option on the Remora2 - since it is battery powered and continuously scanning would drain the batteries.

It should be used on the Eagle when using batteries instead of external power

It isn't really needed on the G120 - it is just there for completeness, and who knows - there may be some edge case it is handy for. 

Since trips have been disabled, BLE scans must now be enabled using these parameters - found under the BLE Tag Scanning parameter tab. 

The device never makes any trips - so we can't use the 'In-Trip' parameters. 

To configure scanning:

Set Out of Trip Scan Period to your desired scanning interval.
If you want the device to upload every scan interval, set Upload On Out of Trip Scan to Yes.

If set to no, the device will upload all the scans each heartbeat interval. 


Out of Trip Scan Period = 30 minutes, upload = Yes

Every 30 minutes scan for tags AND upload. 

Useful if you need to know where your tags are throughout the day at this interval. 

Out of Trip Scan Period = 30 minutes, upload = No, Heartbeat Period = 1440 minutes

Every 30 minutes scan for tags, upload all the data once daily. 

Useful if you just need the data for reporting later on - maybe you just want to know approximately when your tagged assets left and returned to your office/depot. 

BLE - Stationary Gateway for Periodic Scans

The final two parameters in the BLE Tag Scanning tab allow the gateway to  be set up as a stationary gateway. This is slightly different to fixing the Lat/Long - as this relates to what GPS position the device sends. 

If we configure the device to act as 'stationary' under BLE settings - this relates to tag scanning and reporting. 

If we know the gateway is stationary, if a tag appears in one scan, and then in the next it is not there, we can assume the tag is 'lost'. It must have left the gateway's range and therefore location. 

The same cannot be said if the Remora2 or other gateway device is mounted on a moving asset for example - as the tag could be sitting still and the gateway drive off - so 'Tag Lost' logs aren't so useful and as such are disabled by default.

Continuous Scanning

The Eagle and G120 can be set to scan for tags continuously. It is not a requirement but the device should be hard wired as this will quickly drain batteries. Using this mode in a non-hard wide application will lead to poor battery life.

Continuous scanning set up is as described here Bluetooth Getting Started - Tags & Scanning

Then the fixed GPS location can be set as per the Set up section prior. Then the device will then not get any GPS fixes, and simply continuously scan for tags. 

BLE - Stationary Gateway for Continous Scans

The settings for a stationary gateway are similar to the periodic mode.

It is not necessary to set these parameters for the majority of use cases.

The device can be set to stationary, and a latitude and longitude entered. 

If a value is set for the Fixed Latitude and Longitude, this is the lat/long that will be sent in Field 30 (BT Tag Data)

So it is theoretically possible to fix the Lat/Long of the device under "Advanced Tracking" - and then have another fixed lat/long for the tags. 

The Advanced Tracking Fixed position covers Field 0, the Fixed Lat/Long under BLE covers Field 30

The truth as to why this is somewhat confusing is that the fixed position on the Eagle/Remora2 was developed after this feature. And parameters cannot be removed without potentially breaking functionality for devices in the field. 

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