Scheduled Uploads

This feature was released March 2020 on the Oyster2 (FW 2.10 and above) and Yabby GPS (FW 2.11 and above)

This feature allows heartbeats to be sent at up to 6 specific times during the day.

Without scheduled uploads enabled, heartbeats are just sent on a periodic basis - with the heartbeat interval being the time after the last upload. Trips and other uploads occurring will shift the specific time of day that heartbeats happen. The heartbeat interval is the maximum time between upload attempts. 

Enabling Scheduled Uploads

Only 2 parameter tabs are required, Time Zone and After Hours,  and Scheduled Uploads

Under Time Zone and After Hours - simply set your Timezone, and Daylight Savings Periods if they apply. 

Then in the Scheduled Uploads tab - simply select up to 6 scheduled update times. 


  • The allowable times are in 15 minute intervals throughout the day.

  • The scheduled uploads will be the same every day (i.e you can’t choose different times for different days)

  • When enabled, the scheduled uploads replace the periodic heartbeat. All other uploads will continue as normal. In other words, trip, Bluetooth, tip, high-g and other uploads will not be delayed/affected.

  • The scheduled uploads will have an element of randomness - so there isn't a situation where there are many devices all trying to upload data at the same time, causing strain on the network. They will all update within a 10 minute window -  5 minutes either side of the scheduled period.

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