Telematics Devices and Fuel Tax Credits

Telematics data gathered by our devices can be used in order to submit a Fuel Tax Credit (FTC) claim to the Australian Tax Office. These records must be submitted as part of the claim.

Public vs Private Road Use

The credit is FAR greater for private roads vs public roads. However the difficulty lies in calculating the use on each road type. This is typically handled by finance companies.

Accessing Device Data for FTC Claims

There are multiple ways in which the FTC data can be provided.

3rd Party Platforms

If you are using your own software platform, you will have access to the historical device data. This can be extracted and provided to a finance company. Typically they will take a percentage of the credits as payment.

Telematics Guru

Historical data can be provided by DM. This requires developer time and is charged for as such. This can then be provided to a finance company to handle the claim as for 3rd party systems.


Digital Matter have partnered with PRISM to allow for a completely trouble free, automated FTC system. It makes use of the Multi-Connector option OEM Server provides - so a copy of the device data is sent to the tracking platform (e.g Telematics Guru) - and another to PRISM for processing.

All this requires is:

  1. The reseller must contact PRISM to set up an account and discuss pricing. 
  2. Devices in OEM must be set to use the relevant splitter connector - i.e. Multi: TG (APAC03) and PRISM. This indicates the data will be sent to the APAC03 server and PRISM. The splitter fee applies (OEM-SPLITTER) on price list.

From this point, all subsequent device data is sent to PRISM for processing. For historical data, an export must be done as in earlier steps.

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