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4G Network - Device Behaviour Effects on Verizon

In order for devices to be certified, some networks require that devices conform to specifications that restrict the devices' upload behaviour. This article outlines the restrictions that are enforced by the device if using certain networks. 

Verizon (USA)

To use the Verizon network, the device must have the "4G Network" admin parameter tab, with the network set to Verizon as shown below:

For devices using Verizon's CAT-M1 network, the device must adhere to no more than 12 uploads per hour, and no more than 12 server retries an hour. As such the device enforces the following:

  • Uploads are separated by at least 5 minutes. Even if you set an upload period shorter than 5 minutes in the system parameters, the device waits until the minimum five minutes has elapsed before beginning the upload. If an upload is caused by an external event (for example a digital input changing or a High-G event), then the device also waits until the minimum 5 minute separation between uploads has elapsed. As usual, GPS fix attempts and logs can occur more frequently than uploads.

  • Server retries are only performed every 5 minutes. A normal device would do an exponential back-off if the server was unreachable but Verizon's restrictions require at least 5 minutes between attempts. 

  • Battery powered devices in recovery mode trips, and powered devices in trips do not remain connected to the server as usual, but upload their data in batches every 5 minutes, instead of uploading logs as soon as they are recorded. For example, a device with 30 second logging would upload the 10 logs it records every 5 minutes, instead of uploading each individual record every 30 seconds as would happen on other networks.

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