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Falcon - Upload on Digital Input Change

When configuring a sensor to take readings for the first time, it often involves some trial and error until you get the settings you need for your solution. By taking advantage of the 'Digital input Trigger' you can easy trigger the Falcon to run a Task to sample a sensor on demand.

This is handy to test a device once it is installed and check all connected sensors are being read properly. 

This setting is available under the "Task" parameter tab.

OEM Server - System Parameters

Task 1

First, either set up your task to run as how you'd like it in practice, or to enable faster testing set the values artifically low (e.g. every 1 minute).

The below example will run a sample on the DM Temperature Sensor every hour, and upload after 4 tasks have run.

Under 'Digital Input Trigger' set to Input 1.

Digital Input 1

Since we are going to be joining the positive wire to the ground, our 'Bias resistor' is set to Pull-Up and the 'Active Level' is Low.

Other parameters to include are
Log on Active: Yes - This will create a log so you can tell the digital input has been triggered.
Log On Inactive: Yes

Upload on Active: Yes - This will ensure the sensor data will be uploaded (If the sensor time has elapsed)

Upload on Inactive: Yes

Digital Input Wiring

To create a simple close to ground circuit, you need two separate wires that are screwed into pin 2 (ground) and pin 3 (digital input 1)

To trigger the digital input change, touch the two wires together for longer than the 'Debounce Time' shown in the parameters above.

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