SIM Providers - 4G Cat-M1/Nb-IoT + Roaming

This article serves as a record of what SIMs which Digital Matter have knowledge of working with our products in various countries.

It is not an exhaustive list, and relies purely on the feedback of our partners to help build it. We have better data in the countries where we are more active/have more devices.

Results often change, we have had some providers which initially would not connect, only to find after various updates from 3rd parties (networks, SIM providers, component providers) to have them connect.

The inverse is not as common but also possible. Partners should conduct their own testing

4G Networks are still relatively new, but in many countries coverage is very widespread. Roaming is also relatively new, but in recent months we have seen many new providers come to market with good results.

See GSM Arena - Mobile IoT Commercial Launches for an up to date list of current and announced Cat-M1/Nb-IoT networks globally. 

Our Results/Findings

See our other article discussing 4G Connectivity - Cat-M1 vs NB-IoT, Coverage, Providers and Roaming

This article summarises our current confidence level in the various technologies and SIMs as follows. 

  1. Cat-M1, on the SIM's home network: highly confident and very well proven.
  2. Cat-M1, with a roaming SIM: with the right APN settings, confident, and well proven.
  3. NB-IoT, on the SIM's home network: experience varies greatly between networks and regions. Proceed with caution.
  4. NB-IoT, with a roaming SIM: we have not seen this work yet, but hope to have an update soon as network roaming agreements progress. Expect this not to work.

This is reflected in our findings below.

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New Zealand
Hong Kong
Roaming SIMs


In Australia the current preferred option is Telstra's Cat-M1 network, using a SIM card provided by M2M One.

Other roaming SIM cards are available that will work on Telstra's Cat-M1 network. After some initial issues with roaming SIMs on Cat-M1, this appears to have settled down.

We have a very high level of confidence of M2M One's Cat-M1 SIMs that work on the Telstra network.

The other listed SIMs appear to be working well but are not as extensively tested. 

TechnologyNetworkResultsProviders for Network
Cat-M1TelstraExcellent results on Telstra's Cat-M1 network. Coverage is widespread.
Coverage Map
M2M One (recommended)
Emnify Roaming SIM
Spark NZ Roaming SIM
Twilio (limited testing)
NB-IoTTelstraThe DMA office have tested a few Telstra NB-IoT SIMs and got them online.

Coverage is not yet widespread. Further field testing is required, use caution.
NB-IoTOptusTested by DM in DM Perth office - working well. Connects automatically with no input.Optus
NB-IoTVodafoneInitially Vodafone NB-IoT Would not work due to DNS issues as ePCO was not enabled.

This is now reportedly enabled - but DNS still does not work.

As of 2020 we can work around this using our Provisioning Tool. But aiding data downloads fail - so fixes take longer, reducing battery life on battery powered devices.

Optus NB-IoT Settings

No special set up is required - but it helps to restrict the device to Cat-M1 Band 3 and NB-IoT band 28. This will aid in helping the device to join the network faster.  

Vodafone NB-IoT Set Up

- Device must be 'unlocked' or on the latest version of FW which has the OEM IP white listed (so the device can be pointed directly at OEM's IP address)

Apply these settings to restrict device to NB-IoT band 28 so it will register faster - the OEM server settings is the DNS workaround.

New Zealand

Spark NZ - Cat-M1 coverage is excellent and well proven with DM devices.

Coverage map -


Devices are reportedly operating on Vodafone NB-IoT in NZ, requires further testing. 


Orange - NB-IoT coverage is good. DM devices have had a lot of success using Orange NB-IoT SIM cards

Hong Kong

Orange/3 Mobile
NB-IoT is working when the IP is hardcoded. Aiding data downloads fail as the uBlox servers cannot be resolved. Latest FWs have this hardcoded. Pending testing with PCO enabled. 


Telenor - NB-Iot has proven to work well with DM Devices in Norway using Telenet SIM cards


Migros - NB-IoT Devices are reportedly operating on Migros SIM cards

Hologram - NB-IoT is not supported yet. It has been enabled but awaiting further tests

Roaming SIM Cards

With our confidence levels above in mind, there are some roaming SIMs currently on the market if roaming is required. 

Modem and network updates has led to their performance improving dramatically in recent months.

Emnify -

We have seen this SIMs used quite successfully in our 2G and 3G devices. 

After some initial hiccups, they are now working well in 4G devices. 

See their country list here: 

Not all countries have been tested by DM. We have seen these SIMs in operation on 4G in Australia, the US, and Spain so far.


Similar results as Emnify - however DM has not heard reports of extensive testing. 

According to Soracom:

Tested List (i.e. 4G Cat-M1 is reported working in these countries)

JP NTT docomo (separate SIM)
Taiwan Chungwa
Singapore Singtel
Netherlands Vodafone
Spain O2
France Orange
New Zealand Vodafone
Australia Telstra
Netherlands KPN
Finland DNA

To Test:

Canada Rogers
Canada Bell
Canada Telus
Belgium Orange
Denmark Telenor
New Zealand Spark
Norway Telenor
Sri Lanka Dialog
Switzerland Swisscom
Thailand AIS

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