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Issues with Firmware Updates

Sometimes a device will appear as if it is 'stuck' in a FW update. However this is rarely the case. OEM will have an indication that a FW update is due like so:

In most cases once a device connects in, it will download and apply the update, and then this column is cleared. 

The process by which FW updates are applied is:

  1. FW update is actioned in OEM. In the above example FW version 2.3 was set. 
  2. When the device checks in to OEM, it will first send a "Hello" message containing the FW version it is currently on.
  3. If there is data to upload, it uploads the data.
  4. If it is still in trip, it waits until this is over, then downloads and applies the FW update.
  5. After this, a new connection must be made to OEM before the FW update shows as complete in OEM (since OEM doesn't know that it is on the new FW until it gets a new hello message)

So common reasons that a FW update may be taking time to get through are:

  1. Device is currently in trip
  2. The data is not able to be uploaded/committed - see Since Connected/Since Committed
    • If this is the case the device can't proceed past part 2 above. Generally it is because the device has a connector set to point data to the end platform, but the device is not yet set up on this platform (e.g. not created or disabled on Telematics Guru). If the device is not committing you won't get a FW update. Rectify to get an update.
  3. Firmware version has been removed from OEM. 
  4. In rare cases, if a FW bug is discovered, a new version is released and the version with the bug removed. So in the above example, if a device is set to update to 2.3, and before it can do so 2.3 is removed from OEM, it won't be able to retrieve this FW. Device operation won't be impacted, simply it will appear as if it can't update it's FW for some time. 
  5. To check this just Set the Firmware to the most recently available version in the list.

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