Telematics Guru Release Notes

665: 4th Feb 2020


    • Functionality to filter Alerts, Assets and Drivers in Trip History by Departments.
    • Movement Alerts sent via push notifications (if possible).
    • Maintenance Schedule Report Export added.
    • Display location or address in Maintenance Schedule 
    • Asset code (if set) added to asset name in Live View list
    • Asset Creation Date field available in custom Asset List report.
    • Points of Interests functionality added to Live view.
    • Time in Motion field added to Trip List Report.


  • Align Headings with values in reports.
  • White spaces allowed when naming reports.
  • Correct next maintenance value set in Scheduled Maintenance Reports.
  • Fixed dropdown menu contents visibility when expanded 
  • Fixed links on Tag Map.
  • Fixed issue with “1 Month” Selection on Manage Trips.
  • Fixed Issue with page scrolling in Projects.
  • Fixed bad loading of History Detail if there are no trips or assets.
  • Fixed mapping issue in Analogue Graph Report.
  • Update Google Map API version on pages.

639: 21st Nov 2019

  • Map Overlays
  • Beta Live view with Clustering (Tracking2).
  • Added GPS Age and Transmission delay to default Telemetry export to more closely mimic the grid.
  • Addition of new role to allow users other than a superuser to suspend/unsuspend users on a user, org and partner level.
  • Push Notifications in UI.
  • Push notification on iOS now has sound.
  • Push notification handed to iOS to display.
  • Button changes on Manage Assets.
  • Added ability to create base64 encoded Basic auth data from partner auth menu. (internal use)
  • Added DCT Device integration.
  • Added MachineQ LoraWan network integration.
  • Changed SPOT integration to use Partner Auth instead of config file - This means more than one partner per instance can use integration.
  • Additional SPOT one default mappings.
  • Bulk Import permission requirement changed from Beta User to Device Manager.
  • GPS Age Alert Condition added to service, still requires UI work.
  • Smart One C now configurable as Trip Based / Non-Trip Based.
  • NOTE: Changed Vehicle Business Usage Summary Report to ignore non ignition trips. 



  • System.Net.Http fix, URL creation (and partner creation).
  • Added missing device type name lookup to battery view.
  • Report department naming issues fixed.
  • Run hours, odo estimate change on AssetReading controller.
  • Changed default battery IO on Remora2 from "Supply" to "Battery"
  • Partner deletion improved.
  • Removed debug by default on Sigfox connector.
  • Fix for speed lookup that occasionally has an array instead of a string. (TomTom speed lookup)
  • Removed "GoDaddy" from error message. Added additional logging to record inner exception when dealing with DNS errors.
  • Made User Support page show deleted assets as red. Assets can no longer be edited if they have been deleted (only currently possible through support user link).

614: 31st Oct 2019

  • Custom Device Type Names. Partners can assign names of their choosing to products. This extends to the UI and reports.
  • Asset Bulk Updates – multiple assets can have more changes made at the same time.
  • Push notification features and service added. Email will be sent out internally with details on how to test push notifications.
  • Added new Driver Id Type (Wiegand).
  • Live view label darker to improve legibility.
  • Asset timeline  now uses start and end of “today” as defaults.
  • Web Hooks now have a 15 second timeout (down from 100) to limit effect of bad endpoints
  • Webhooks can be edited “raw” in the UI. Currently limited to DM employees. A V2 is in the pipeline with UI enhancements and end point testing.
  • Performance tweaks when loading data points in trip UI.
  • Changed GPS age on pop-up (live view) to be relative to the connection date rather than the record date.
  • Improved code to avoid being able to click on hidden markers on the live view.
  • Added in additional date range selectors for asset expenses.
  • Added standalone DM Sensor Node Bluetooth tag (additional analogues still to be visualised in UI).
  • Asset reading estimate on Asset Reading page now includes currently running trips.
  • Assorted UI improvements across TG (e.g. clickable labels)
  • Fixed tagged asset report
  • Changed MaxJSON for Manage Asset Grid. This is a fix for organisations that display 1500+ assets on the manage assets page
  • Changed the digital input on the Remora 2 for tamper detection from bit 1 to bit 2
  • Added check to the device serial lookup to prevent a LoRaWAN device from being guessed as an Eddystone
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent the ignition and trip radio buttons from displaying
  • Fixed issue with TagData deletion from deletion jobs
  • Spelling errors across TG have been corrected



  • Added installer, install date and installer comment fields to the asset list report.
  • Added DateUtc, DateCapturedUtc and Comment fields to the asset expense report.
  • Added PlotPoints utility function that would allow plotting of lat/longs on the live view for diagnostic purposes (this requires F12 in browser, but allows better visualisation of points vs Geo-fences etc).
  • Fixed a bug in the report column selector that on occasion would prevent a property (column) to be discoverable from the UI

592: 4th Sept 2019

  • Fixed battery grid estimate.
  • Added voltage to Remaining Battery Report
  • Fixed Pivotel SPOT integration, should now show on live view. GPS OK forced to true.
  • Fixed Pivotel SPOT integration, various causes (spot log reason) should now activate IOs as previously defined in Globalstar push integration.
  • Fixed SMTP Notification Provider can now be saved as non-SSL.
  • Added Password Complexity field to User table (requires algorithm), added date last password change field to user table for pending security enhancements.
  • Added ability to select Geo-Fences by project for alert setup (still requires UI change). If there are no Geo-Fences under the selected project(s) then the alert is disabled.
  • Fixed issue where changing SMTP or SMS provider caused designated recipients of alerts to disappear. Was filtering issue, address book entries now get changed.

587: 26th August 2019

  • Asset Health Reports
  • Multiple Asset Health UI Changes and Improvements (Calendar, Pie Chart, Graph, Asset Multi Assign ...)
  • Geofence bulk import (artificial limit of 1500)
  • Billing report label change "Only Show Message Restricted Devices" to "Only Show PPM Devices"
  • API now has methods for recovery mode and immobilisation.
  • GPS Age on Live View Pop up, 'last updated' renamed to 'last connected' in the pop-up
  • Improved search performance on Live view for organisations > 500 assets
  • Added SPOT to allowed device types on Pivotel endpoint
  • Signal strength of 99 now maps to null (TG-657)
  • Google Map load failure that occasionally happened when map was loaded in background (live view) fixed.
  • Alert asset assignment fixed and improved for larger organisations.
  • UI Error in User Suspension fixed.
  • Multiple typos.
  • "Unknown -> Unhealthy" only state change (would stay unknown too long) fixed.

571: 23 July 2019

  • Asset Health Changes (expansion of UI and graphing)
  • Suspended user icon now shown on user list.
  • Asset trip list summary report now has basic utilization calculation.
  • API preparation for Asset Expense Tracking on mobile app.
  • Added Eagle and G120 device types.
  • G62 / G62 Lora default external voltage divider fixed. Also fixed for existing devices.
  • Billing changes (Partner and Org names retained after organisation deletion).
  • Asset Bulk Import 
  • Fixed Excel reporting bug that would cause over-rounding of certain decimal values.

552: 11th June 2019

  • Added Bluetooth tags. (Add / Edit Asset, Tag section)
  • Prohibited asset device type change that would cause a billing plan change.
  • Added user, organisation and partner suspension.
  • Login, user amendment and asset calls now check user suspension flag.
  • Fixed small odometer meters to odometer miles conversion bug in notification tokens.
  • Added code to upgrade asset plan immediately if the plan change is an upgrade. Downgrades will still be scheduled at the end of the month.
  • Added GPS Age to telemetry and telemetry export report. 0-127 minutes, 1-127 hours, max 5 days.
  • Asset Health Changes to UI. Requires permission. Not completed yet.
  • Users can be invited based on existing users and no longer requires template. 5 users can be invited at the same time.
  • Small change to remove "invite pending" and "first last" items from the address book grid.
  • Added Odometer, Run-Hours and RunHours2 to Asset Location report.
  • Password reset no longer creates new address book entries if the old one became unlinked.
  • G62 now supports geo-fence downloads.
  • Addition of expense list and expense summary reports.
  • Fixed G62 external voltage division.
  • New user login call (for mobile app), additional permission query.
  • Change in suspension call for mobile app
  • Added Bluetooth tags
  • Added Gps Age
  • Added log reason 49,50

534 : 11th April 2019

  • Asset assignment on driver screen for driver download to device. Previously you could only assign drivers to assets.
  • Dart 2 allows for Geofence download.
  • Asset Expense Changes (still hidden)
  • Battery Management page now includes other battery operated devices and plots voltage instead of percentage.
  • Fixed: Bluetooth tags no longer say “near Unknown”
  • Fixed: Bluetooth tags sort correctly by temperature.
  • Fixed issue that would create null reference exception on asset edit screen if organisation was changed in other tab.
  • Fixed “missing Geofence” issue. When creating or editing longitudes out side of -180 -> 180 could be saved causing bounds check to not load them.

519: 5th April 2019

  • Support for Geofence Downloads to Device
  • Updated Geolocation API to include position accuracy
  • Password strength indicator when changing password
  • Billing Counters for Wi-Fi
  • Added Wi-Fi Lookup Report to Admin Billing Reports
  • Post processing for non-trip-based assets.
  • Non-trip based assets, such as the Oyster Sigfox, will now have their data processed through the Geo-Fence post-processor, enabling the Geo-Fence Activity Reports to be run for these assets
  • Alerts: Duration Condition
  • Added G62 LoRaWAN device support for data coming from TTN and Actility
  • Point History speed improvement for large lists.
  • Iridium Serial number added as option to asset list report.
  • GPX report now reports all records as UTC rather than user adjusted times.
  • Enable Geofence Download checkbox can be altered on multiple assets in bulk.
  • IE11 Geofence issue fixed.
  • Google Maps updated to 3.36

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