Clustering on the Live View (BETA)

New Live View is under development.

It is quite basic currently, and uses a different architecture to support richer features. This will be expanded upon in future and features may be rolled into the main Live View.

Using the BETA Live View

To access the BETA Live View your user account must have the Beta User permission (under General). Contact DM Support to get this permission if you cannot see the Live Tracking (Beta) option below. From the navigation bar, click on Live and then Live Tracking (Beta)

The Beta view contains

  1. Map view and list of assets in alphabetical order on right hand side
  2. Switch to Marker View - displayed. Standard markers with red dots for stationary assets and green markers for assets in trip.
  3. Switch to Cluster View
  4. Minimize Asset List

 Cluster View

The number of assets in a location is displayed in the icon. Click on the icon to zoom to the assets shown.

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