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G120 Bluetooth Firmware Release Notes


- Added support for G120 Hardware Revision 3


- Integrated ELA tags as individual tags. Allows mapping temperature and humidity values to analogs using the BLE ELA RHT/T parameters


- Integrated ELA Frames: ID, ANG, MOV, MAG, T & RHT

- Individual tag update logs can now be enabled. These logs are triggered when certain tag data changes. (only for ELA tags MOV & MAG)

- Fixed issue with large tag lists not showing all tags


- Fixed issue where tag expiry time was cut short when set above 2 minutes.


- Added Escort Fuel Sensor 


- Fixed issue with tag lost log timestamp in continuous mode, which caused TG to ignore the log

- Added ability to disable tag lost logs while periodically scanning. Default is disabled.


- Added Cub Tyre Pressure Sensor

- Added Technoton Fuel Sensor

- Minor optimisations

- Added SensorNode support

- Added iBeacon and Eddystone filters

- Added generic tag support

- Added Ble SensorNode support 

- Added support for MAC address filtering

- Added option to use MAC address as identifier for MAC address and Ibeacons

- Added Eddystone TLM frame support


- First production release

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