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Setting up a Low Battery Alerts

There are a couple of different ways to set up low battery alerts in TG, depending on device type.

All Devices have a 'battery good flag' - which is mapped to Digital Input 25 in TG. 

If the Alert Wizard is used to create a Low Battery Alert,

The pre-set conditions for this alert are:

The benefit of this alert is that it is common across all device types.

You can simply set up one single alert and apply it to all assets. 

For devices with the Battery Meter - this alert will fire when the estimated remaining battery % is less than 20%. 

For other battery powered devices e.g Yabby, Oyster v1, it fires based on voltage, and equates to around 10% remaining. 

For powered devices, it is when the internal back up battery drops below a certain voltage threshold. 

For the Falcon, Eagle, Oyster2 and Remora2, thanks to the Battery Meter, more specific alerts can be set up by setting up an alert based upon the analogue input 6 (Battery Level) as shown below. 

Perhaps alerts for 50%, 30% and 20% are desired to provide a bit more early warning than just a single alert.

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