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Telematics Guru - Custom/White Label Device Names

Some partners may wish to resell Digital Matter devices under a different name. 

The device type names in Telematics Guru can be customised for a consistent end customer experience. 

To rename a device, you must be logged in to your partner accounts home organisation.

Then go to Admin -> Custom Device Names

A list of all Device Types in TG are shown. This includes devices manufactured by Digital Matter and 3rd Party Devices.

The Grid Displays the following information (not all devices are shown in this screenshot)


1. Device Type Offered

This check box allows partners to remove a device type from their TG account if they do not stock/sell it.

Uncheck the box to remove a device as an option to be selected from when creating an asset. 

This can greatly de-clutter the list of device types when creating assets and simplify the user experience. 

You cannot disable a device type which is currently in use in any organisations within the partner account.. 

In the above screenshot - there is a G120 in use in one of the organisations, meaning G120s cannot be disabled. 

2. Device Used

Mouse over the info tool tip to see:

3. Tag?

Indicates if it is a BT Tag type of device e.g. Guppy BT

4. Original Device Type Name

DM Name for device

5. White-Labelled Device Type Name

Enter the name you wish to change the name to. 

An Example

All other device types not shown here are disabled (unchecked)

This results in the following when creating an asset. 

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