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Eagle - Default I/O Mappings

The Eagle has the following digital inputs mapped by default, it is important to keep these in mind when mapping inputs to avoid clashes. 

As seen below there are multiple sensors mapped to the same input in some cases. This is not an issue if only one of the sensors is used at a time. If they are to be used ensure to remap the default inputs, all is configurable via OEM.

Digital Inputs

Digital Mapping #Name
0Trip Status
1Digital Input 1
2Digital Input 2
3Digital Input 3

Status Flags

DM Device use "Digital Status Flags" contained in the Digital Input data field. In Telematics Guru - they are repackaged and mapped to Digital Inputs, as indicted below. 

Status flagsNameDigital Input in TG
bit 0Trip Status24
bit 1Battery Good Flag25
bit 2External Power Good Flag26
bit 3Connected to Server27

Analogue Inputs

Analogue Mapping #Name
1Supply Voltage
3Internal Temperature
4Cellular Signal Strength
Loaded Battery Voltage
6Battery Percentage remaining

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