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Copying Users, User Templates

How To

To create a template for use everywhere, create a 'dummy' user in your home organisation, and use the invite user functionality.

If you find yourself creating user accounts a lot for new organisations, you may wish to give a similar set (or the same) set of permissions to many of the accounts. To help with this, we can create dummy user accounts as templates. 

See here for the process to invite a user to TG - Getting Started - Inviting users.
As part of the process, you can base settings, permissions and reports on an existing user.

The list of users that appears in the Existing User dropdown comprises of:

  • All users in the organisation we are currently in (i.e. the org we are inviting the user to)
  • All users in you, the currently logged in user's, home organisation (where your account lives)

So, with this knowledge, if we wish to templatise the user creation process, we can create templates within our home organisation - then they will always be available to copy when setting up users via the invite link. 

In the above example, we created a user, with the right set of permissions for this role which we wish to copy.

Copying from Organisations/Create from Template

When creating a new organisation, the process is Admin -> Users

Then if the New from Template button is used - the user will be able to select another organisation from the partner account to copy. 

So to create a distinct 'template' simply create an organisation with your desired settings, and use this. 

Alternatively it is easy to copy an existing organisation's settings with which you are happy with to multiple new organisations.

The below settings are what will be copied across. 

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