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Telematics Guru - New User or Organisation from Template

Often when creating new users or organisations, the same settings are desired. 

Copying Users/Creating from Templates

If you find yourself creating user accounts a lot for new organisations, you can take advantage of the User Template Function.

In Admin > Users click on 'Invite User' and you'll be able to input the new user's email address, and then base their permissions, reports and other settings off another use, or a dummy user account that's set up for different roles in your organisation such as

  • Organisation Owner
  • Drivers
  • Admin Clerks

To get an idea of the different permissions and what they allow, please review the guides on the knowledge base

In the example below, before using the Invite User button - we have created the user: - Name Organisation Manager

The list of users in the Existing User drop down will comprise of:

- All users in your user account's organisation (i.e. your home org)

- All users in the currently selected organisation. 

So to create a template for use everywhere, create a 'dummy' user in your home organisation

Copying from Organisations/Create from Template

When creating a new organisation, the process is

Admin -> Users

Then if the New from Template button is used - the user will be able to select another organisation from the partner account to copy. 

So to create a distinct 'template' simply create an organisation with your desired settings, and use this. 

Alternatively it is easy to copy an existing organisation's settings with which you are happy with to multiple new organisations.

The below settings are what will be copied across. 

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