The G120 is the updated version of the G100, boasting an improved feature set. 

It is capable, as per the G100 to be used as an Iridium Hybrid device, however the implementation is slightly different. 

The Iridium satellite constellation provides L-band voice and data coverage to devices utilising an Iridium modem all over the earth's surface. So a G120 Iridium hybrid device can provide location updates when out of cellular coverage.

The G100 used a Flexi card slot so that an Iridium modem could be fitted to the device. This is not the case with the G120. 

The components needed for out of coverage Iridium tracking with a G120 are:

  1. G120 Device (standard unit - supplied by DM)
  2. Iridium Edge Module - not supplied by DM, can be sourced via other suppliers
  3. G120 Iridium wiring harness - (optional but recommended, supplied by DM)

This has the benefit that res

The Iridium Edge Module. 

The Iridium Edge module is a self contained Iridium modem + antenna, which can be mounted in the location an Iridium antenna would be traditionally mounted. From there it connects via a harness to the G120. 

The Iridium Edge is simply the pictured box, with a cable coming out which is terminated with a M12-8 connector on the end.

It requires a 9-32V power source. 

The DM G120 Iridium Wiring Harness *in development, subject to change

The Iridium Edge module communicates with the G120 via the G120's RS232 interface. 

The RS232 interface wires are available on the standard G120 harness - so partners can wire their own connections if desired. 

The DM Iridium harness simply terminates the following wires of the standard G120 harness with a M12-8 connector, so it is plug and play with the Edge Module

  • RS232 RX (pin 22 on G120)
  • RS232 TX (pin 21 on G120)
  • GND (taken back to G120 GND)
  • SW GND (pin 11 on G120) - controls on/off of Edge

Also connected to the M12-8 connector on the G120 side is a cable for power. This is kept separate to the G120 power as the max on the G120 is 45V, the max on the Edge is 32V

WIRING DIAGRAM *subject to change