User Support Permissions

Telematics Guru has two key features that can be enabled for users to best support their end clients. These are best used for support staff of reseller partners that will need to access all user devices. 

These features are the Support User mapping, and the User Support permission. 

Support User Mapping

When a user account is created within an organisation, this user will only have access to that organisation. They must be 'mapped' to subsequent organisations in the partner account to be able to view these other organisations.

A partner may have multiple different staff creating organisations for different clients - so mapping everyone who needs access to new organisations individually each time can quickly become a daunting task. Users within a partner's 'Home' Organisation are able to be granted the Support User mapping.

 What is my 'partner home organisation'?

The partner 'home organisation' is the first organisation that was created when the partner was created.
It is where any staff of the reseller partner should have their accounts created.
It is identified by (HOME) following the organisation in the list of organisations.

To enable this mapping

  1. Log into the partner home organisation (only users within the home org can have this mapping)
  2. Under the Organization Tab click on users. (this should show you the list of users who have access to the organization)

  1. Click edit on the user you intend to give the Support user permission. 
  2. Click on the Support mapping as shown on the image below and select the Enable as User support option and save. 

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  1. Once the permission is activated for the User you should be able to see the crossed circle icon on their name in the user list. (see image below)


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User Support Search Function

The User Support permission is a handy tool in Telematics Guru which allows partners to offer a higher level of support to their customers.

To be granted this feature, please contact your Digital Matter Support branch.
If you have this permission, to give it to another user, ensure they have the User Support permission on their account.

The Support User function is used to search for the following:

  • Email Address Lookup: For when you're not sure which organisation a user is mapped to, or has permissions to
    When searching by a user you will be shown their email and a list of all organisations they are mapped to.

  • Serial Search: To display details of a Particular Asset and it's home organisation. included links to Live view, Asset List and Dashboard for the organisation and Individual asset screens including telemetry and history. This helps when you are given a serial and you aren't sure which organisation it is located in.
  • Search ICCID: to display the devices that match a certain SIM Card ID.

    NB: There may be more than 1 shown. If a device was powered on with a SIM, then disconnected, and the SIM swapped - the last SIM reported to be in both devices is the same SIM.

  • Search Asset Name: To display devices matching a string.
  • Search iridium IMEI: display the unit details that have a particular Iridium Modem installed.

To use the search function you can either enter in the full number/name/word or enter in a partial amount and use asterisks at the start & end of the search term to enable the wildcard search function.

e.g. **

You can also modify your account permissions to display the support user page on your first log in, to expediate your service.

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