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Remora2 Battery Life Estimate

Use the attached spreadsheet for to determine rough estimates for battery life for the Remora2 Cellular. The results cannot be guaranteed. 

Note the average time to GPS fix varies with the logging period - more frequent logs means that the GPS module is downloading fresh aiding data, and stays 'hot', so it will more easily acquire a subsequent fix. 

In general around 60s for a 'cold' start (logging period above 2hrs) and 8-12s for a 'hot' start (logging periods below 1hr).

You can also enter your real world device data from the Device Counters saved in OEM (average this across a few devices) to get a more accurate estimate. 

You can get the average GPS Fix Time by summing the 'Failed GPS Fix Time' & 'Successful GPS Fix Time' in seconds and then dividing that by the sum of the 'Fail GPS Fixes' and 'Successful GPS Fixes'. Considering the data below:

Total time = (Failed GPS Fix Time + Successful GPS Fix Time) = (1 d 3h 19m 16s + 1h 6m 28s) = 1d 4h 25m 44s = 102'344s

Total attempts = (Failed GPS Fixes + Successful GPS Fixes) = (1635 + 365) = 2'000

Average GPS Fix Time for calculation purposes = 102'344/2'000 = 51s

This example devices seems to have spent a lot of time in bad signal!

The counters are at the bottom of the page: 

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