SPOT Devices (beta)

Third 3rd party Device integration Spot Telematics Guru

Telematics Guru can accept data from SPOT Devices, such as a SPOT Gen3. 

SPOT devices send their data to either the Pivotel Services Gateway (typical in Australia) or the GlobalStar Platform. 

The integration and method of connection to TG for each is slightly different.

Data via Pivotel (PSG)

Point your device to:


The device region in the URL is important to target the correct regional instance of Telematics Guru. Refer to this article for an explanation of the regions and the device specific URLs. A short summary is:

RegionDevice URL
Global (old)

Based on which regional server your partner account is hosted you will need to use the related URL.

Data from GlobalStar

Contact DM support for information. 

Setup in TG

Create a new asset, select device type SPOT and input your device serial.

For devices sending data via Pivotel, the following Causes/buttons on the device are mapped to Digital Inputs in Telematics Guru

When these causes are sent by the device the above inputs will be activate for that record. They are not latched - meaning on the next log they will be inactive again. 

To make use of these log reasons on the live view and for alerting, Edit the asset and create the following I/O Mappings

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