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Geo-Fence Bulk Import

There are 2 ways to import geofences in bulk to an organisation.

Copy from Organisation to Organisation

To import geo-fences from another organisation within Telematics Guru. 

  1. Go to Admin >> Geofences
  2. Select Import From Organisation

  3. Select the organisation you wish to copy Geofences from
  4. Select the Geofences you wish to import via the checkboxes and click continue to import. 


A CSV Import function is available to import a maximum of 1500 Geofences to TG. This is useful when importing geofences from another system. 

The format that is accomodated is simply the geofence centrepoint and radius.

To Import in bulk via CSV, 

  1. Go to Admin >> Bulk Import
  2. Select Download Bulk CSV Import Template to download a CSV showing the import format
  3. Remove the example rows and input your own

    The available columns in the CSV are:
    1. Name

    2. Comment

    3. Latitude (centre point)

    4. Longitude (centre point)

    5. Geofence Radius
      A square will be drawn about the centre point of this side length

    6. Priority (default is 50)
      If geofences overlap, the ones with higher priority will be chosen as the one the device is in. Leave all as 50 if unsure as this keeps the same priority. If Geofences of the same priority overlap, the smaller one is chosen.

    7. Exclude from Trip assignment
      Set as 0 (false) for default. When this is false, if a trip starts or ends in a Geofence this will display in the trip list - i.e. Start Location (Geofence X), End Location (Geofence Y). If true this does not happen and the street address is used.

    8. Project
      Enter the project you wish to assign the geofence to or leave blank if not required.
      The Project does not need to exist currently, if you wish to create new projects they will be automatically be created as part of the import process.

  4. Save the file, click Import 
  5. Click Validate and check all rows are correct and there are no errors.
  6. Click Save to import your geofences!

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