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Using Powered Devices to track Run Hours

If you want to only track run hours on a vehicle, you can do this by disabling all logging and uploads on Powered device (e.g. Dart, G62, G100) and have it upload only on start and end of trip.

Movement Trips

Update Digital Input to None and Movement Threshold (m) to 0xFFFF to disable movement trips.


Set all fields apart from Heading Change Distance (m) to zero.


In the Ignition Tab, you can either activate the buzzer or leave the tab as defaults.

This is where the device knows to upload at start and end of trip with Upload on Active and Upload on Inactive set to Yes

Harsh Driving

Set all the fields to 0 to disable harsh driving logging.


Set the Heartbeat to once a day i.e. 1440 minutes

GPS Jamming I/Os

Set Interference Upload on Active, Interference Upload on Inactive, Jamming Upload on Active and Jamming Upload on Inactive to 'No' to record instances of GPS interference, but not to upload by itself.

If the user needs to cut the number of uploads right down, the logs should also be disabled - but this will mean issues may be harder to debug.

Other Logs

By default, some other logs are generated, but it is advisable to leave these enabled.

External Power Removed
Highly advisable to leave these logs and uploads enabled - but if it is required that they are not sent, disable them under the External Power Tab
Internal Battery Low
An upload occurs by default when the battery level drops too low. Disable under the Battery Voltage tab if required.

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