There are a few elements to Driver ID and Immobilisation troubleshooting. A full RFID driver ID + relay immobilisation set up involves multiple parts, all of which are relatively simple but each link in the chain needs to be checked when debugging. 

Driver ID Overview of Operation 

In this example, the device is set up so that the vehicle is immobilised, until a valid Driver ID is presented.
See this article for Details - Immobilisation Methods 

If set up, the operation is as follows. 

  1. Key is turned - ignition input on device becomes active

  2. The device is then expecting a Driver ID input. If set to buzz on no DID, the reader will be buzzing at the user

  3. The user scans their tag
    1. If unsuccessful, you will not hear a confirmation beep, the buzzing will continue to sound, and the vehicle will not start!
    2. If successful, you will hear 2 short beeps, the buzzing will stop - the device proceeds with the next steps

  4. Driver ID Tag Read log with Driver ID sent to server

  5. If the device is set to Immobilise if there is no DID, any digital outputs set to "Immobiliser" are turned off - you will see in Telemetry the digital output bit change from '1' to '0'
  6. The output then toggles the relay it is wired to, allowing the vehicle to start as the starter motor circuit is completed.
  7. The Vehicle is then able to Start

We will use these points as a reference to assist with debugging

My vehicle is immobilised and I cannot tag on

  1. First check the wiring of the Driver ID against the Wiring Diagram for Immobilisation without Driver ID Scanned. The relay Common (pin 30) & Normally Open (pin 87) should be connected to the Starter Motor.
  2. In OEM Server >> System parameters in the Driver ID tab, the 'Immobilise' setting can switch between being Immobilisation being activated via Driver ID Scan or not
  3. In the System Parameters, also check if 'Test Against List' has been activated or not. If you're using Telematics Guru, you can assign specific drivers permission to scan on.

4. For Telematics Guru Driver ID Lists, Manage Assets >> Edit Asset and the Drivers Tab has the 'Enable Driver Management' Checkbox which gives you the option to accept all tags that are scanned or only a specific list of tags.

My Driver ID isn't accepting the Tag on?

If your Driver ID isn't accepting a tag on of a specific driver, Check to see if the Test Against List function is active in the System Parameters on OEM Server (as above), or if using Telematics Guru, the Driver management is selected to use all drivers or Specific tags only.

If your driver isn't set up as a authorised Driver tag, you can add them in under Admin > Drivers

My Vehicle is off, but my Device shows in Trip and the Driver Cannot tag on?

Please contact Digital Matter for advice about your Driver ID Settings.

The Driver ID and Settings are all correct, but the RFID isn't working on the G100  and the LED is flashing red?

The Purple Wire (Pin 3) on the G100 Harness is the Output power rail for the Driver ID, part of the 4 way connector, and could be loose on either end. Try checking the wires to see if they're connected properly.