A device will attract an OEM fee under the following conditions:

  1. It has a connector set to send data to a 3rd party platform (not null)
  2. It connects in during the month more than 8 times (this allows for some limited testing without attracting a charge)

If the device is set to send data via a connector to Telematics Guru, there is no separate OEM fee, and it is included in the Telematics Guru fee. 

If using TG this article applies instead: TG Asset Billing

If a device is using a splitter, i.e. sending data to TG + another platform, there is a fee per splitter. 

So the relevant fees per situation are:



Product Code
(From Price List)

Device using OEM, sending data to 3rd Party Platform via connector

OEMOEM Server - full support service plus data connectors
Device using TGTG-PPM/CLASSIC/ALRTG plan as set up in TG, no other fees
Device using splitter sending data to TG + 3rd party platform


The standard TG fee plus an additional fee for the splitter is charged.

Partners may want to know which specific assets are generating the OEM charges, to pass on to their customers. 

A CSV file can be downloaded for OEM Server to provide this information. 

To download the file:

  1. Your user account must have the Billing Detail permission - contact DM support if you cannot access the next step.
  2. In the toolbar, select Billing Detail and the month you want to download the CSV for.

You will be prompted to download a CSV file by your browser, columns are:
Client, Connector, Product, Serial, Connection Count

For ease of on-billing customers, it is best to segment devices into client groups so that the Client is displayed in the report.