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Falcon - External Power

Connecting a Falcon to External Power

If you want to wire the Falcon Cellular into an External power source and have the batteries as back up, it is a simple process of moving a jumper cap.

Once you open the Housing of the Falcon, undo the screws at each corner to remove the PCB from the housing. You can then access the jumper cap as shown below. 

As you can see printed on the PCB, the first position is to allow Battery Power usage, and the second to allow External power usage.

Jumper in Battery Only Position
Jumper in External Power Position

If you then check the page after the next upload you'll see the voltage displayed in Battery Voltage:

Adding an Ignition Wire to the Falcon

To enable accurate tracking when the Falcon is wired into a vehicle, there is the option to use Digital Input 1 as a wired ignition. First insert the wire ends into the terminals, from left to right the positive, ground and Digital 1/Ignition terminals as displayed below.

In OEM Server > System Parameters Set Digital Input 1 tab to active and change the following;

Digital Input: to 'Wired Ignition (0) to use the mapped ignition bit. 

Bias Resistor: To 'Pull down'

Active Level: To High

If you're planning to use the Falcon as an onboard vehicle tracker with the wired ignition, it's worth change the Tracking mode in 'Advanced Tracking' to 'Turn by Turn GPS Tracking' to mimic the tracking behaviours of a Dart2 device.

Setting up an External Power Removed Alert in Telematics Guru

In Admin > Alerts select 'New Alert Wizard' and select External Power Removed option. This will set an alert condition to trigger when the external power is removed from the Falcon. The Falcon measures External Power through it's Coulomb counter by monitoring the decrease in voltage over time.\

This means the external power alert will take a while to trigger after the fact since it needs to measure that the voltage has changed and is decreasing gradually, signifying battery power is being used.

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