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Why Aren't I Receiving my Email Alerts?

There have been rare cases where the emails stop being received by the user. One possible reasons for this is the user's mailbox bounced the email. The TG email provider puts the email address on a bounce list and does not send to that email address again. If you do not have the 'Organisation Messages' option under Admin in TG where you can check individual address book contacts. Contact DM Support to have the email address removed from the bounce list.

Troubleshooting tips:

  1. Check that the email address is correct in the Address Book. The Address is accessible from the Dashboard, or Admin >> Address Book.

  2. Use the "Test" button in the Address Book edit dialogue.
  3. Ensure the Alert or Scheduled Report has selected the correct the Address Book entry in the set-up.
  4. Check Admin >> Organisation messages to see if the Email was sent.

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