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Creating Assets - Bulk Import

A CSV import function is available for creating assets in bulk.

This is useful when provisioning multiple assets at a time, which have similar settings. 

If complex, specific set up is required for each device, creating assets individually may be a better option.  

The Template for importing Assets is based on the first page of the Create Asset Page:

To add assets in bulk:

  1. Log in and select the organisation you wish to import assets

  2. Navigate to Admin -> Bulk Import

  3. Download the CSV Template

  4. Edit the CSV template to contain your asset data
    1. Retain the header column
    2. At a minimum, you must have these columns: AssetName, AssetType, DeviceSerial, DeviceType
      The default asset type is "Vehicle" if you have not created any other types.
      Check the standard Create Asset dialogue box to ensure you get all spellings and syntax correct.

  5. Save the file, then click Import Assets, upload your file and click Validate
  6. A table showing the data to be imported will be shown, check all is correct, then click Save Assets to complete the import. Any errors will be flagged in the UI. Correct and re-upload the CSV if required.


If you are using Custom/White Label Device Names, the custom name must be used for the DeviceType in the import.

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