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Bolt - Idle Monitoring Set up

In order for the Bolt to be able to effectively monitor idling Run Detect must be set up on the device. This is due to how the Bolt uses Emulated movement to track whether the device is 'In Trip' or not.

On a device like the Dart or G62, the device will be 'in trip when the ignition line is active. Thus if the device is stationary according to the GPS, but the ignition is active, we know it is idling (sitting still with engine running)

However the Bolt will end a trip if it stops moving, since there is no ignition line, even if the vehicle is idling with the engine on - after 240 seconds (4 minutes) by default.

We can use Run Detect to put the device in trip based on the voltage read by the Bolt. Then if the engine is running - and the read external voltage is higher than when not running (due to the alternator being on), the device will be in trip. This will allow the device to still be stationary, but still in trip. It will not end the trip after 240s of no GPS movement. 

To configure Run Detect, please read the article on the knowledge base here

Then simply follow the guide on our Knowledge base on how to configure idle monitoring

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