Emulated or Run Detect?

Digital Matter devices revolve around the concept of 'a Trip' for their tracking, and there are several ways you can commence and end a trip. The Bolt OBD II tracker is defaulted to use Emulated trip starts or 'Movement detect' trip starts to log the movement, sometimes this has it's limitations in niche applications. Multiple options are provided so the user can tailor the Bolt's settings for optimal trip tracking performance.

How the Bolt OBD II Detects Movement

Emulated Ignition: 

  • The Bolt waits in a low power sleep state for accelerometer activity.
  • Once woken, it checks the GPS for movement. 
  • If the GPS shows movement over the start threshold, a trip is started.
  • If this is not the case, the Bolt then resumes sleeping, with both the GPS and mobile data off. 
  • During the trip, the Bolt will keep both it's GPS and Cellular Modem on. It will upload a record according to the parameters in the "Logging" tab in OEM.
  • Once the asset has been stationary for some time, or the GPS signal has been lost for some time, the trip is ended, and a final upload is performed. 

Run Detect

Run Detect is useful for recording exactly when a vehicle has started by tracking the external voltage change between the engine running and off. 

The resting/running battery voltage of a vehicle can change over time, so the thresholds below may need to be adjusted. For this reason run detect is not foolproof, but in most cases it is highly accurate.

In OEM Server, Click on Parameters > System parameters and add the Run Detect tab.

High Voltage: Set this number to be below the average voltage output when the engine is ON so the Run Detect is activated when the engine voltage crosses the value.

Low Voltage: Set this number to be lower than the High Voltage value but higher than the average value when the engine is OFF so Run detect is deactivated when the voltage crosses the value.

Digital Input: To have Run detect activate trip status, set the Digital Input to Ignition (0)
Start Time(s): Amount of time for voltage to register over High Voltage i.e. engine to be running, before trip starts

End Time(s):  Amount of time after engine stops i.e voltage to cross Low Voltage for trip to end.