Digital Matter devices can signal when they have been out of trip for too long. In order to use this feature, it must first be enabled on OEM. The following settings are available: 

Inactivity Digital Input

This configures the virtual digital input which will be set when the timer expires.

Inactivity Timeout Settings

The timeout period can either be set as hours or days.

Inactivity Timeout

This sets the timeout period (either in days or hours based on the timeout settings). 

How does this feature work?

After ending a trip, the device will start a count down based on the inactivity timeout period. Once the period has expired the device will set the digital input and on the next scheduled upload it will report this information to the server. When a device enters a trip, the digital input is cleared and is also reported in the next upload.

Setup in TG

To see how to utilise this feature in Telematics Guru, and some applications, click the link below:

Inactivity Timer Usage