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OEM + LE - What IP addresses should I allow through my firewall?

As of May 2019, OEM server was migrated to Azure servers hosted in the US. Below are the IP addresses used by OEM server. Integrators will need to white list the IPs shown under "Device Data from OEM server to Software Platforms" to ensure that data can make it through their firewall.

Traffic Type DNS EntryIP Address
Device to OEM Server
(Incoming device data),,
External parties to OEM Web
API and Website
(Incoming HTTP traffic),
Device Data from OEM Server
to Software Platforms
(Outgoing device data from
OEM, incoming to Software

Firmware/Aiding Data files hosted on OEM

OEM hosts some files needed by different devices
(same for all 3 DNS entries)

uBlox Aiding Data

Server DescriptionDNS Entry

The device will also periodically connect in to the uBlox servers, so these entries should be white listed also.

The IP addresses frequently change so it is important to add the DNS entry

Location Engine

Location Engine does not use Static IP addresses (even though it is an extension of OEM server).
Location Engine is hosted on Azure's 'East US' servers. The IP addresses used by these servers can be found here

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