Telemetry is a section in Telematics Guru under the Assets menu. There are two record sections available, Input/Output telemetry and standard display. The IO Telemetry lists the time of the record, the log reason and the status of each IO enabled. The Standard Telemetry view includes the Time, log reason, transmission delay, latitude/longtitude, speed details, directional data and GPS status and the on/off status of any Digital/Analogue IOs represented in binary fashion e.g. 1 =ON, 0 = OFF. See below for a quick summary of each digit.

Status Flags are represented in the left most 8 bits

Recovery Mode ActiveTamper Alert
External Power Enabled Shunting power from battery Connected to GSMExternal Power GoodInternal Battery good Trip Status 

Digital Inputs of the device are represented in the remaining 24 bits, Bits 0, 6 and 6 are commonly set across all devices.

I/O Mappings

The Input/output mappings are set for the individual Assets in Edit Asset, inside the Manage Asset menu. If you compare these value to the grid above, you'll see they all line up.

Example Telemetry

If we take a snapshot of a log's telemetry we can decode the state of the Asset. Note: remember that the bit number reads from right to left, starting at 0.

Here we have a 1 or 'ON' status flag for bits '0', '5' and status flags '1', '2', '3', '4'.

0000 1111 0000 0000 0000 0000 0010 0001

Bit 0: Ignition = active
Bit 5: GPS Interference detected
Status Flag 0: Device is 'In Trip'
Status Flag 1: Internal battery is 'Good'
Status Flag 2: External power is 'Good'
Status Flag 3: Connected to GSM network: 'YES'