This article covers adding the Guppy BT (or other tags) to TG. 

The Gateway device (G120, Remora2) must be set up to scan for tags so that the data can be reported by this device to TG. 

Read this article and follow the steps before proceeding:

Remora2 BLE Tag Scanning - Getting Started

This Article uses a Remora2 and Guppy Bluetooth® Tag. Please preview the product pages on our website

Adding the Tag into TG

The process to add a new Bluetooth tag into TG is the same as adding an asset. Navigate to Assets >> Manage Assets and click 'Create new Asset'

Use device type Tag: DM Guppy

Other tags, e.g. EddyStone also appear in the list and this type should be used if using these tags eg Tag: Eddystone

Accessing Tag Locations and Telemetry

The new 'Tags' menu has been added into Telematics Guru, and contains two sections. Tagged Asset Status and Telemetry.

For this view to be visible the Organisation must have this functionality enabled. To check organisation functionality go to Admin -> Organisation -> Edit Organisation and ensure the Tags functionality is selected.

Tagged Asset Status gives the latest location and details for the Tags and Telemetry gives a record of each scan point the tag was lost or found on.