Installer Flowchart

  • Please see attached PDF Installer flowchart for ease of installation & troubleshooting

Useful links:

If a device has pending admin parameters in https://www.oemservercom/Device then the unit will not have these connection parameters applied until connected and committed.

Please also note when using the installer page the following;

  • If the device has not connected recently, disregard the other information. Focus on why it is not connecting.
  • Once connecting, check if the device has committed recently? "Committed" means that it has uploaded data records successfully.
    • If the connector is set to forward data to a server, and the asset has not been set up on that server the device will not commit, and all data below that point on the installer page will not be accurate. 
    • Generally, if a device is not committing, create the device on the platform.
    • If using Telematics Guru, ensure you have created an asset in the system. Confirm that the device type and serial number are correct.
  • The installer page needs to be refreshed to provide up to date data, it is not a live update page.

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