To set up a new Reseller in oemserver you'll need some information first.

  1. Contact name
  2. contact email address
  3. Name of Organisation/Any Sub-orgs
  4. Any other user accounts needed
  5. Connectors required (see creating connectors article)

You will also need to send them a welcome email with the following files attached (found in OneDrive//Digital Matter Team Site - DMA/Sales/Starter Packs/New Partner Documents)

  1. Device Overview 2019
  2. Digital Matter - NDA 2019
  3. Digital Matter Company Profile Jan 2019
  4. Digital Matter Reseller Agreement - Aus
  5. DMA AUD Pricelist (current)
  6. DMA Charges and Credit Policy
  7. DMA Introduction letter
  8. DMA Warranty and Returns Procedure.

To create a new Organisation:

First navigate to 'Device Groups' and click on 'Vendors' to create a Partner/Reseller level organisation then click on 'New Vendor' at bottom of list.

When creating a new Vendor. first choose your Distributor, this will be a branch of DM usually, then name the organisation. You can use multiple words with spaces if needed.

Add in the primary email for the Vendor and a default password. this will be reset in the next step as we use the invite link to send an email to the customer to log in. (shown below)

To send an invite to a user, navigate to 'Users' and enter in the email and click send. (note: this invite link only appears for recently created emails; Post May 2019)

To Create a new user for an established organisation/Vendor, click the 'New' button in the users menu as shown below. User setup permissions same as previous step.