To view Bluetooth Tags, such as the Guppy Bluetooth the organisation must be set to provide this functionality. 

To enable this, simply edit the Organisation and tick the "Tags" checkbox under functionality as shown in the GIF - click the GIF to view full size. 

The Tagged Assets view will now be available for the organisation (you may need to log out and back in again)

Under Tags, you will be able to see:

1. Tagged Asset Status

Selecting Tags -> Tagged Asset Status shows the following grid of all tags. Key features are discussed below. 

  1. Search Bar to search for an asset

  2. Geo-Fence - if the gateway which the tag is reporting to is inside a geofence, the tag's location will be shown as the geo-fence. If there is no geofence, an approximate location will be given

  3. Click the View Location icon to view the tag's estimated position on the map (the other icon displays the Tagged Asset Telemetry

  4. If the gateway device is inside a GeoFence, the GeoFence name will be displayed as the tag's location. Otherwise an approximate location will be shown.
  5. Tag battery voltage
  6. The gateway the tag is reporting to is shown.