Check out the following pages on our website to get an introduction to the Bluetooth device range offered by DM. The pages also cover some basic concepts and applications for the technology. 

Introducting Bluetooth Enabled Tracking

DM Bluetooth Devices

The flow of data from Bluetooth Tags or Sensors to Telematics Guru is as follows:

1. Bluetooth Tag/Sensor (e.g. Guppy BT, Apple iBeacon, SensorNode Bluetooth*)

        (Transmits a beacon every 2 seconds containing tag or sensor data)

2. DM Bluetooth Gateway Device (Remora2, G120*, Eagle*)

        Scans for tags either periodically or continuously, and maintains a list. An update is sent to the server if a tag is 'lost' or 'found', i.e. is out of range and no longer on the list, or comes into range and is now on the list. 

3. The Gateway device transmits data to Telematics Guru

        Special log reasons are used to indicate the upload is due to the tag activity, and these can be used to display the data in a meaningful way.


As such all 3 components need to be set up, links to the respective articles on this knowledge base (and other information) are listed below. 

1. Setting up the Guppy BT

        Guppy Bluetooth - Getting Started

2. Setting up the Remora2 as a BT Gateway

        Remora2 - Getting Started

        Remora2 - Bluetooth Setup

3. Viewing the Data in TG

        Adding Tags to TG


   Bluetooth - FAQ