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User Permissions


Below is a list of the permissions. Be aware that some permissions require views being enabled under 'Admin Viewer' to enable functionality.

Admin Manager

Address Book Manager
Create and manage Address Book entries for Alerts
Geo Fence Can Create GlobalUnused
Alerts ManageCreate, Assign and Manage Alerts 
Geo Fence ManageEnable Geofence creation and editing. Assigning Geofences to asset types. 
Asset Manage (Primary) Enables access to Asset Edit screen and General, info and Photo tab
History EditAllows Projects and Drivers to be assigned to trips via the 'Manage Trips' Page
  • Asset Enable Disable
Ability to enable/Disable Assets
Odo Hours ManageManage Odometer Hours
  • Asset Installer Manage
Edit Information in Installer tab of Edit Assets 
OEM AdminActivates button in Manage Assets to go to asset on oemserver
  • Asset Type Manage 
Create and assign Asset Types 
Project Manage  Create, edit and assign projects
  • Clear Asset Data
Clear an Asset's data on TG
Recovery Mode Manage  Enable recovery mode option
  • Device Setup 
Adds Advanced, I/O Mappings and Log Events tabs to Edit Asset
Report Layout Manage  Enables Advanced Options >> Customise Report function in Reports
Asset State Configuration ManageCreate and modify Asset State Configurations
Scheduled Report Setup  Enables scheduling of reports
Battery Management
Access to Battery Management Section
Stationary Gateway ManageUnused
Department ManageCreate and Manage Departments
Trip Administrator ViewUnused
Driver ManageCreate and assign Drivers to assets
Trip Driver Manage  Assign Drivers to Trips
Event Type ManageCreate and Edit Events
Trip Type ManageCreate and Manage Trip types
Expense Manage 
Create and manage Expense types, (To capture Expenses, see Organisation manager >> Expense Capture)

Admin Viewer

Address Book View
Enables access to Address book.
History View 
Enables Trip History View
Alerts View
Enables access to Alerts menu
Live View 
Enables Live View
Asset Telemetry View
Enables access to view Telemetry and Telemetry I/O for Assets
Maintenance View
Enables access to Maintenance Menus
Asset Timeline View
Enables asset Timeline view
Odo Hours ViewEnables access to Odometer values
Asset Type View
Enables Asset Type menu
Project ViewEnables Access to Project menu
Asset View
Enables Asset Management view
ReportingEnables Access to Reports
Department View
Enables Department view 
Scheduled Report LogsEnables Scheduling of Reports
Driver Trip History View
Enables 'My Trips' drop down from Dashboard >>History (requires History view)
Stationary Gateway ViewEnables access to SigFox Gateway view
Driver View
Enables access to lists of Drivers
Tagged Asset Status View
Allows viewing of BT Tags
Event Type ViewEnables access to Events Menu
Trip Type View
See filtered trip types
Geo Fence ViewEnables access to Geo Fence Menu


 Asset Destination History View  

Shows "Destination History Map" to the user
Beta User Selected if User opts into Beta Testing
Live View no TimeoutEnables constantly refreshing version of Live View (for control rooms) 

Organisation Manage

Billing Plan ManageAbility to Change Billing Plan for Organisation
Sigfox ManageManage Sigfox downlink & devices
Expense CaptureUsed in conjunction with Expense Manage
Sigfox ViewView Sigfox downlink & devices 
LoRaWAN®ManageManage LoRaWAN® downlink & devices
User ManageAble to Create and edit User accounts
LoRaWAN®View  View  LoRaWAN® downlink & devices
User View       Able to view Users

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