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Falcon Cellular - GPS/WiFi Combo Tracking:

The Falcon Cellular device is able to use a combination of both GPS and WiFi to track the user's device.

In this article, the system parameters are set to allow for a combination of GPS and WiFi tracking. The primary tracking method has been selected as 'GPS' and the failover method as 'WiFi'. In this case, we have chosen to upload at the start of a trip, during a trip and at the end of a trip. This System Parameters template can be found on OEM, called 'DM Demo - GPS/WiFi Combo Tracking'.

The following steps were taken to enable this feature on OEM:

  • Select the device and go to Parameters -> Edit System Parameters
  • Add the Advanced Tracking parameter tab
  • Here you can set the 'Primary Tracking Method' to 'GPS' and the 'Failover Tracking Method' to 'WiFi', or vice versa depending on what will better suit the device’s primary location
  • If the device is in a warehouse or in an area with multiple WiFi connections available, it is possible to set the 'Primary Tracking Method' to'WiFi'.

Note: This application only works using 'Periodic Tracking Only' or 'Jostle Based Tracking' as the 'Tracking Mode'.

  • The 'Cell Tower Fallback' should be enabled when WiFi is used. This will allow the device to attempt to locate the device using cell towers when the other location methods have failed.

  • The Basic Tracking parameter tab can be added to change the In Trip Upload and Logging Period from their default settings. 

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