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Remora2 Battery Recommendations

The Remora2 uses 2x D Cell Lithium-Thionyl-Chloride Batteries (LTC). The circuitry is designed to handle battery cell voltages up to 16V. 

Alkaline D Cell's will not work. The voltage will be too low.

LTC Batteries are:

  • Higher quality - less chance of early failure.
  • Extended temperature tolerance (-40 to +80 degrees C is typical)
  • High capacity - 18.5Ah per D cell on some models!


  • Hard to freight, they cannot travel by air, and must be shipped or travel by road.
  • Can be more expensive.

Despite these draw backs, given the dependence of the device on the performance of the batteries, LTCs are the best option to provide long battery life. 


1. Fresh Batteries

It has been shown that batteries deteriorate over time. Make sure that the batteries that you are buying are as fresh as possible. You can usually check the batch manufacture date or the expiry date on the battery to get an idea. 

2. Test

Ideally each battery should be tested using a battery tester before being installed.

Recommend Lithium Thionyl Chloride (LTC) Batteries:

  • Your Digital Matter branch may supply LTC batteries, contact your sales representative for information
  • Titus ER34615 (4G only - see pulse current limits) datasheet attached to this article. These are supplied by DMA.
  • SAFT LSH20 D Cell
  • FANSO ER34615M

*This is not an exhaustive list. The above batteries' data sheet meets the specifications outlined below, though datasheets are not always 100% accurate. Resellers should conduct their own testing to determine the suitability of a particular battery type for the application. DM have not tested all of the above batteries

Pulse Current

Not all LTC batteries are built the same - in general, go for Spiral Type batteries. Bobbin Type batteries may not be able to supply enough peak current. The high pulse current type is often denoted by the 'M' suffix in the part number: eg. ER34615M

The batteries need to have a high enough rating for pulse current to meet the following peaks:

Device    Battery TypePeak Current (approx - worst case @3V per cell)
Remora2 4G Cat-M1/Nb-IoTLTC


Remora2 2GLTC


Test your batteries, and ensure to leave some room with the specified pulse current - they do not always perform as well as the data sheet may suggest!

Where do I buy them?

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