The second method of idle tracking is through TG exclusively, you can set up an alert to notify you when an asset is stationary and ignition off (parked) for a set period of time. This alert will trigger only once until the Ignition is turned on again.

First go to Admin >> Alerts and create a new advanced alert. You can set the first up however you'd like the Alert to appear in your email or SMS applications.

Once you select which asset you want the Alert to apply to in the Assets tab, click on the Conditions tab and enter the following (for example) to set the Alert to trigger when: 

  • The Ignition is OFF
  • On a Weekday between 0900 and 1700
  • For more than 30 minutes

Note: The conditions in this alert method, are set to AND conditions, not OR. therefore, ALL conditions must be true for the alert to fire.